Valve and Actuator Information



Valves are the cap or lid that is pressed and crimped onto the can creating the seal that keeps the medication and propellant inside of the inhaler.

The valve is the heart of the inhaler system. It is by far the most critical part of the system, the actuator is the next critical part of the system, please see the other part of this page labeled ” Actuator ” for more information.  The valve is highly accurate, dose to dose, from the first to the last actuation.

There are approximately 7 to 10 manufacturers thought the world, each one of these manufactures produces 25 to 30 different valves consisting of different materials, designs and µL ( Micro Liter ) volume capacities.  Each producer uses about 3 to 4 different physical shape and design of the valves depending on the application. See pictures below.


This leaves the manufacturer with many choices to choose from.  Unfortunately to purchase the equipment to crimp and gas the inhaler can, you must provide 20 can and valves, as samples to the equipment builder when you purchase the equipment.  They use these samples to build the crimping and gassing head of the machine.  If you choose the wrong valve because you have guessed,  and have to change to a different valve, you will have to change the crimping and gassing heads on your machine,  This is expensive and will take 2 to 3 months to get new parts made.


EM3 has tested about 20+ different valves over the past 5 years.  We have learned only 3 of these 20+ valves will infact work correctly with the cannabis THC / CBD formulation.


The drawing above is the schematic drawing of how the valve works, #1 is the medication in the can with liquid propellant. #2 is the metering chamber, this is the part that sets the micro liter volume amount of delivered product. #3 is the stem, this is the part that inserts into the valve when you actuate the actuator. #4 is the seal that keeps everything from leaking.  #5 is the opening the stem rests in inside of the actuator.  #6 is the nozzle of the actuator.

If you look closely at the photos, you can see the difference between the valves around the top area where the nylon stem exits the valve.  Their are some other differences that are not so apparent. Stem length, size and diameter are some variables you have to know before ordering equipment.  Other factors include the way the can is gasses, some valves fill thru the stem, others fill thru a small hole on the side of the stem.  This is all information you will need to know before ordering equipment.



The Actuator, like the valve, is a very important part of the inhaler system.  It, in combination with the valve size and viscosity of the contents of the can is what sets the droplet size of the delivered medication.

Inside the actuator is a nozzle that is responsible for setting the droplet size of the delivered medication. Selecting the size of this orifice is dependent on the valve, vapor pressure of the propellant and viscosity of the medication.  Currently the sizes available are 0.2mm thru 1.12mm.

For any medication to be adsorbed by the Alveolar in the lungs, which leads directly to the brain, The droplet size must be 5 microns in size or smaller.  If they are larger than 5 microns, the droplets will clump together as they leave the actuator and deposit on the back of the throat and bronchi.  If this happens, the medication will be absorbed into the blood stream, this will happen very slowly and the blood carrying the medication will be routed to the liver first.

Patients looking for immediate relief from their medical condition will associate this delay of onset as ineffective and will administer a second dose.  This is a very unsafe situation because the possibility of overdosing is increased.

In the lungs their are two different blood supplies, first is the blood supply for the alveolar sack and second the blood supply for all of the other tissue inside the lung.  The blood supplying the alveolar sack is where you want your medication to be for maximum effectiveness and quickest onset.

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This basic profit margin is only a estimate based on current market prices and assumed costs of cannabis oil.  Because all producers create a different product, you may certainly recalculate your cost / profit based on your numbers.

1 Consumable

( can, valve and actuator )   $ 5.00 Fixed

1ml of your medication        $ 2.00

Labor, Box, Propellant        $ 3.00 Fixed ( generous estimation )

Total Cost                              $ 10.00

Currently cannabis inhalers are selling in Arizona for $100.00 each, do the math.  To pay for the turn key package deal that we offer ( not including the consumables ) , you would need to sell approximately  833 Inhalers.  If you own 4 dispensary’s and have a good advertising campaign,  this could be done in 1 day.