EM3 Methodology is very proud to announce that we have secured the rights to distribute the MRX002 PET vials for North America.

We keep a large supply on hand at all times at our lab in Arizona. We offer immediate UPS shipping.

The MRX002 PET vials are sold in lots of 500 vials for $1.50 each ( excluding applicable taxes and duty )  + Shipping.  Please contact us at vials@em3methodology.com to purchase.

MRX002 features:
-Clear PET vial to study model pMDI formulations in situ.
-Dimensions: Height 75 mm, Diameter 22 mm
Crimp diameter 20 mm
-Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).
-Compatible with HFA solvents, ethanol, water, PEG and glycerol.
-Example of compatible pMDI valves:
Bespak MDI valves
-Available in quantities of your choice.
-Ideal for formulation screening. For laboratory use only.
Merxin can be contacted at info@merxin.com
and via our website: www.merxin.com
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