EM3 supplies all ancillary equipment regarding pMDI equipment in small batch lots.



EM3 supplies all of the consumables needed to build the pMDI.

Cans – Valves – Actuators – Propellant – Crimp Gauges – Spare Parts

We can arrange to have all consumables delivered directly to your facility.

Please remember that the consumables normally take about 90 days to receive after the order is placed.

Also keep in mind that the valves have to be crimped on a can and filled before the 12 month expiration date of manufacture. With the 90 day lead time, you will receive your valves 3 months old, this leaves you only 9 months to crimp and gas before they expire and can not be used.



EM3 can provide you with additional equipment as needed:

  • Air Booster
  • Leak Detection
  • Coder
  • Can feeders & Conveyors
  • Can Cleaner
  • Checkweigher
  • Gel Blender
  • Micro-Dose Filler
  • Depositer
  • Material Handling Trays
medical propellant mexichem

Our certified propellant is proudly supplied by MEXICHEM

EM3 provides ten full days of training at your facility for you and your employees