My inhaler burns when I use it.

This is a very common problem with most all of the cannabis MDI manufactures that have chosen to try to develop a product without consulting anyone from the aerosol industry.

The burning sensation can be caused by several things, poor quality cannabis, droplet size to big, incorrect actuator size or poor formulation.

In order to produce a quality inhaler that works as it was designed, not burn and deliver the exact amount of API for each dose, 7 or 8 different things have to be manufactured within very tight specification. If any one of these things are slightly off, the inhaler will not work as designed and usually cause a burning sensation.

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  1. Willi
    Willi says:

    I have a dab puffer inhaler and after about 20 hits I start seeing a lot of buildup inside the mouth piece, I was told that was the gas that caused that. Is this correct?

    • rick
      rick says:

      For some unknown reason, the manufacturer of the MDI you are using has decided that he/she could buy some equipment, not hire someone that knows how to properly build and formulate MDI’s, throw some THC oil inside and ” Bang ” you have an inhaler.

      They have no idea of the complexity of controlling droplet size, electrostatic charge, miscibility, velocity and the other 10 things it takes to make an pMDI work correctly. Most pharmaceutical pMDI’s on the market today took 10 years to develop and that’s before submitting to the FDA for clearance.

      Without proper training from a person with direct experience in the aerosol space, getting lucky building MDI’s is not a good bet.


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