General pMDI Information

pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler

Dosing Accuracy

The MDI can be considered absolute exact dosing compared to all other forms of medication delivery on the market today in the cannabis space.

Most medical Doctors will not provide a recommendation for medical cannabis because the Doctor has no control over dosing.

If you were the doctor, How would you answer this question from you 98 year old patient that has never smoked anything in her entire life, ” Doctor, how many puffs is 10mg? “…. ” You wanted me to take 10mg 3 times a day ” ….. ” How many puffs is 10mg? ”  Now do you see why real medical Doctors are not willing to prescribe ?

The MDI solves this problem, it’s absolute !

MG per Puff or Inhalation

What makes the MDI an ideal medication delivery device is the word ” Metered ” in MDI.  When used properly, the MDI will deliver an exact dose from the first puff to the last.  Our valves can be configured to anywhere from 25µl to 100µl of volume from the medication reservoir.

Depending on the concentration of the medication placed in this reservoir and the excipients used will determine the over all milligrams of medication per dose.

Taste, Flavor and Harshness comes from the medication, The propellant and excipients alone ( no cannabis ) are virtually undetectable.