Formulations: Shake or Not ?

I get asked this question a lot, Do my formulated MDI’s have to shaken before use.  This is the big difference between a properly formulated MDI’s and a manufacture whom thinks they can just figure it out.

If the formula is not 100% homogeneous, the MDI will have ” shake well before use ” listed on the package, This is a clear sign that the formula is not correct and the manufacture has decided to ” figure it out on their own “.

All formulas that we build DO NOT HAVE TO BE SHAKEN BEFORE USE. All of our formulas are 100% homogeneous and 100% stable thru the life of the device.

Why is this important you ask, oil based API, in this case cannabiniods, are easily dissolved into a solution of solvent and liquid propellant under pressure.  The metering valve and plastic actuator perform the best when the formulas are in a solution.  This is the way they were originally intended to perform.

Some pharmaceutical compounds and drugs will not dissolve and become a solution and that’s why the Pharma MDI’s say shake well before use.

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