Simply put, Bioavailability is the term used for how much drug is lost or destroyed based on the route of administration.  The book ends of this word Bioavailability would be and I.V. ( intravenous ) 100% Bioavailable Vs. Topical ( applying to skin ) 7% Bioavailable.

Clearly the higher the bioavailability of the delivery device  or route of administration, the less drug you have to administer to achieve the same effect with a lower bioavailability.

Below are some basic examples of bioavailability.


I.V.     100%

MDI-DPI     98%

Sub-Lingual     80%

Rectal     65%

Smoking-Vape     50%

P.O.     40%

Topical-trans dermal     7% to 10%

With the cost of Medication increasing day by day, why not use a device that get the most of it into you where it can be used effectively.




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  1. Dr. Hurdd
    Dr. Hurdd says:

    I see this word bioavailability
    When describing some of the CBD inhalers . I am a doctor and I requested information about testing these products to see if they actually can prove it! and no one has yet been able to say yes except the one in Texas. Is this information the same as what you have! #curiousdoctor.

    • rick
      rick says:

      Dr. Hurdd,

      First thanks for the question,

      The cannabis space is currently unregulated. As you know anyone can claim anything these days. If your referring to the company, yes they are my client and I can certify that I have performed the aerodynamic particle size, total dose and dose uniformity testing on there formula.


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