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My inhaler tastes like petroleum ?

The current FDA certified propellant used in all metered dose inhalers in the USA is called HFA-134a or HFA-227.  The HFA-134a is very similar to the refrigeration Freon that is sold for automobiles.  The Medical propellant is controlled and not just anyone can buy it legally with certificates of authentication and traceability. Because the cannabis  […]

My inhaler burns when I use it.

This is a very common problem with most all of the cannabis MDI manufactures that have chosen to try to develop a product without consulting anyone from the aerosol industry. The burning sensation can be caused by several things, poor quality cannabis, droplet size to big, incorrect actuator size or poor formulation. In order to […]


Simply put, Bioavailability is the term used for how much drug is lost or destroyed based on the route of administration.  The book ends of this word Bioavailability would be and I.V. ( intravenous ) 100% Bioavailable Vs. Topical ( applying to skin ) 7% Bioavailable. Clearly the higher the bioavailability of the delivery device  […]

cGMP and FDA certified equipment

With the proliferation of the internet, anyone can purchase basically anything they might want from any country on the globe.  When it comes to medical devices, there are reasons that the FDA certifies the aerosol equipment we use.  The reasons and rules are usually written in blood, this means that people have died from improper […]

Unforeseen dangers of the MDI

Our bodies in general are designed to reject harmful substances that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Regarding our lungs and breathing, we have numerous built in systems that block and trap most dust, mold, viruses from entering our bodies, although some get through a majority are rejected.  This is mostly based on […]

Droplet Size

When delivering an API to the pulmonary tract of the human body, the droplet size of the formulation exiting the actuator must be the correct size to travel to the deep lung and enter the alveoli for absorption.  When the droplet size is correct, the API will be delectable in the systemic blood circulation within […]

Formulations: Shake or Not ?

I get asked this question a lot, Do my formulated MDI’s have to shaken before use.  This is the big difference between a properly formulated MDI’s and a manufacture whom thinks they can just figure it out. If the formula is not 100% homogeneous, the MDI will have ” shake well before use ” listed […]

BLISTair disposable DPI

Perlen Manufacturing has released their new BLISTair disposable dry powder device for pharmaceutical drug delivery in North America. This device revolutionize CBD drug delivery for the cannabis space.