EM3 Methodology is a pulmonary drug delivery equipment company.

We specialize in the equipment that is used to build the pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler ( pMDI ) and the Dry Powder Inhaler ( DPI ).

All of the equipment and consumables we offer meet FDA regulations.



FDA information on

E-Cig and Vape Pen

The FDA has started down the road of controlling the E-Cig device. They consider any device that has a battery or power supply, on/off button, coil of nichrome wire, holding reservoir or wick to be a medication delivery device.  Although the cannabis industry is not regulated by the FDA, the importation of the device will be. The FDA will enforce the importation of this device thru their friendly neighbor US Customs.

What does this mean for the cannabis industry ? This means that anyone wanting to import the E-Cig type device, into the USA will have to have a FDA license, and the device will have to be approved by the FDA as a medication delivery device.

Currently the FDA has set a date for this ban to take effect. whether this BAN actually happens on this date or not, does not really mater. The fact is, the FDA is going to regulate the device.

If you talk to anyone that distributes the E-Cig device, be careful of their advice, remember they have billions and billions of units in stock and need to get rid of them before they are banned by the FDA, if they don’t, they will take a huge loss.  I can almost guarantee you they will say ” oh no, they will be around forever ” or something to this effect.

If your interested, you can read the FULL FDA ruling by clicking here.

Cans, Valves and Actuators

EM3 Methodology sells the consumables in lots of 5000 units per order + Shipping

Aerosol Equipment

New and Used equipment in stock now !

FDA Certified Propellants

Currently the two FDA certified propellants are HFA-134a and HFA-227, EM3 Methodology sells both.

We also are currently testing the new generation of propellant HFO-1234ze

Continuing Assistance

EM3 Methodology  can provide you with assistance with Formulating, Dosage and final delivery of your cannabis product.

40 Million Inhalers

Sold per year in the USA

100’s of Colors


6 States

Currently Sold In

20 Years

Experience in Medical Field

Our staff at EM3 Methodology spent over 3 years developing a method to visually measure the viscosity of the active medication, excipients and liquid propellant while under pressure. My staff has coined this as the ” Desirick Procedure ” ( dess a rick ).

Desirick Proceedure

We produce a special testing vial that will allow us to visually inspect the formula and measure the electrical conductance under these conditions all while under pressure.



We believe that medication delivery is very serious matter, FDA controlled or not.  We ONLY sell equipment and supplies that are currently on file with the FDA.

Filling, crimping and gassing inhalers is a very easy process, In fact, anyone can do it. However, adjusting viscosity, ensuring miscibility and most importantly adjusting the flavor profile is is what it takes to make the inhaler successful in the retail marketplace.

EM3 provides these essential key processes